Supplier Partners

Advanta is committed to delivering excellence through strategic relationships with supplier and partner agencies.

Through high level of attention and support for programs, Advanta and its partners have consistently achieved higher customer satisfaction.


Communications is key to building a strong supplier partner network

Advanta ensures inclusivity and mutual respect for its supplier partners in its MSP programs, providing them with regular performance feedback and opportunities to better understand a client’s work culture. Advanta strives to work cohesively and coaches and mentors its supplier partners for success in its MSP programs for managing a client’s external workforce consisting of contingent and statement-of-work (SOW) based workers. Exceptional performance by its supplier partners in providing workers in virtually all labor categories including IT, Engineering, Professional, Clerical/Administrative, Medical/Healthcare, Light Industrial, and other categories translates to improved services to Advanta’s clients and places its supplier partners on the path of success.

Supplier Relations

Advanta takes its management of suppliers to the next level which is that of a true partnership. With its Supplier Relations team and strong coaching and mentorship, it garners a higher level of attention and support for programs thereby yielding higher customer satisfaction. Advanta has an excellent track record of transitioning active suppliers into its MSP programs with a 100% success rate because of the strong relationship it builds with its supplier base. Advanta’s goal is to make all suppliers successful, and that is accomplished by treating them as our valued partners in fulfilling the needs of our clients and providing them opportunities that are in line with their strengths and capabilities.


Supplier Management

When operating large-scale MSP programs spanning multiple locations, consistency of quality is of paramount concern given all the ranges of parties to the delivery. Advanta is a quality-focused and metrics-driven organization. It operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards and industry standards to measure and manage supplier performance. Advanta’s Supplier Relations team effectively manages the supplier network, ensure that we have the optimal number and mix of suppliers motivated to provide the highest quality personnel in a timely manner at competitive rates. The company has consistently been recognized by its clients for meeting and exceeding the agreed-upon SLAs for the MSP program KPIs.

Commitment to Supplier Diversity

As an Acro Group Entity, Advanta is a global solutions provider that is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE). Acro has been honored by the NMSDC as a Corporate Plus® member, which is an unprecedented membership program for certified minority businesses of the highest caliber with proven capabilities to serve clients on large-scale national and international contracts.

While all expenditures under all Advanta contracts are considered Tier 1 diversity spend for its clients, Advanta does not stop there. It is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion and growing the utilization of Tier 2 diverse suppliers. The company has received many awards for exceeding its client’s Tier 2 diversity goals. Approximately 50% of Advanta’s global supplier network are business enterprises owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ, persons with disabilities, other diverse and small businesses.

As a minority owned and operated entity, Acro Group of entities has managed 40 years of challenges typically faced by diverse businesses to become one of the industry’s largest minority-owned businesses in the U.S. We believe in paying it forward and are profoundly committed to sharing with other MBEs the lessons we have learned so that they can avoid the pitfalls we faced, become best-in-class suppliers, and realize their full growth potentials.